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The "Wine and Flavours Road of the Hills of Forlì and Cesena” stretches for 287 kilometres. This is a complex itinerary that links six large valleys of central Romagna (Tramazzo, Montone, Rabbi, Bidente, Savio and Rubicone), in the piedmont and hilly section between the Via Aemilia, to the morth, as far as the mid-valley towns of Modigliana, Dovadola, Predappio, Civitella, Mercato Saraceno and Sogliano to the south.

Virtual entrance gates to the Road, from the historical Via Aemilia, are the towns of Forlì, Forlimpopoli, Cesena and Savignano.

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mareThe towns of the wine and flavours road:
Bertinoro; Castrocaro Terme; Forlì; Meldola; Montiano; Savignano sul Rubicone; Borghi; Civitella di Romagna; Forlimpopoli; Mercato Saraceno; Predappio; Sogliano al Rubicone; Cesena; Dovadola; Longiano; Modigliana; Montiano; Roncofreddo.

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