Beach Gatteo Mare

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mare

Gatteo a Mare is characterized by a coastline of golden sand, thin and smooth, the sea bottom, without holes or currents, gently sloped down, making this area ideal for children with a mild temperature already in the month of May and still pleasant through September.
The beach where you can spend your days during your stay at Ras Hotel, is located in the most ventilated and sunny part of Gatteo a Mare, the sun is assured throughout the day from morning to sunset, no shadow on your tan!

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mareThe zones are all equipped with beach volleyball, beach tennis, rent pedal boats and other comforts. In front of the beach, the park Don Guanella, for the joy and entertainment of children: swings, slides and the mini club of Gatteo Mare Village which takes in charge of the service of daytime and evening entertainment for our guests.
Cleaning, excellent services and amenities will accompany you throughout your holiday.

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