Gatteo Mare

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mare

A town of hospitality that stretches to the sea, a high level of quality from the hinterland to the coast. Events and initiatives throughout the year make Gatteo the ideal resort for a peaceful and fun holiday where you always feel at home.

Today the town defends the principle of offering a quality holiday to the many tourists fond of this place that come back year after year. This welcoming town has 753 meters of coastline, from Villamarina di Cesenatico to the mouth of the Rubicone river, equipped with facilities. Its size makes it an enjoyable town to live in. Over the years the streets in the centre have been turned into a pedestrian area, creating a privileged space for the many initiatives organised every season.

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Gatteo Mare Village

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mare

Gatteo Mare, the splendid seaside town of the Adriatic Riviera, has become the “largest holiday village in the world”. This town has all it takes to host a summer entertainment programme that involves adults and children alike in games, festivities, shows and lots of fun, all day on the beach and in the streets of the town at night.

Gatteo Mare Village is also the safety of a vacation in total freedom, and can count on a staff of professional entertainers trained to keep the children happy throughout the day, with the fun and games of the “Mondo Bimbi” Park, in the centre of Gatteo Mare, and on the Beach.

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mareA vacation at is distinguished by morning and afternoon entertainment on the beach – group dancing, aerobic dancing, aquagym, Latin-American dancing, beach volleyball tournaments – and evening entertainment at the Viale delle Nazioni Circus. From Monday to Sunday, entertainers, buskers, children’s and family games, carnival floats, clowns between 9 pm and 11 pm and then....every evening dancing, always with plenty of music in the square and along the streets of the town with our Gatteo Mare Village Band.

hotel 3 stelle gatteo mareThis fantastic holiday initiative is the result of the commitment of 52 of the best Hotels, 20 Bathing Establishments and dozens of Gatteo Mare shops which have pooled together to make your holiday truly exciting. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity... We look forward to seeing you in the "largest village in the world" - Gatteo Mare Village. For more details on the entertainment programme and events, visit the website: